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Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide

Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide

Birthday parties are a way to mark an important milestone in our lives. Whether it’s the 1st, 18th or 21st or in later years, for the 40th, 50th, 80th, all are special, also because a birthday gives you an opportunity to be with your close family and friends. Someone once rightly said, if it weren’t for birthdays, there would be one less reason to celebrate. Pump House DJ’s understand this important event in your life and create superb Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide. Parties that create benchmarks, memorable events etched in people’s minds forever, ensuring that they come back for every party that you have, knowing they’re going to have a time of their lives.

Our accomplished DJ’s are very passionate about music, it’s their life, and they come totally prepared to accept every challenge thrown at them during the night. Over the years with the experience they’ve accumulated they’ve become specialists to handle various age groups and genres. They’re absolutely comfortable playing warm up music for party games to belting out the latest hits from the Top 40 charts to something more subtle for the seniors present. Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide rock with the soulful sounds of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Pop, Rock, RnB, Disco, whatever is your preference, they have it.

Seamless Playlist

Our DJ’s have personal meetings with you to discuss the evening’s program, and whatever theme and venue that you have selected for the evening, our DJ’s are on the ball .At Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide, they will create a special playlist so that the music appears seamless and every new song played turns into a delight. Their vast and extensive collection and knowledge of music covers the entire music industry.

Electrifying Atmosphere

Our multi talented DJ’S even double up as MC’s at Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide. They’re clearly the life of the party, ensuring 100% participation from all guests present. They enjoy playing all your favourite songs to ensure that every one is up and tapping their feet on the floor. Our excellent sound systems create the energy which gives the people present the required boost to lose their inhibitions and let their hair down.

And for that added spice our DJ’s also create new tunes from existing songs to give it a more youthful and fresh melodious twist. This works out far better than a cold stereo playing music in the background. Our DJ’S ensure a lively electrifying atmosphere, where the music and lighting is the foreground and nobody gets a chance to even be remotely bored.

Dedicated DJ’s

Pump House DJ’s create a wonderful unique musical experience at Birthday DJ Hire Adelaide. Our experienced DJ’s are very well trained and this makes them very much in demand. It is their dedication and passion that helps create these magical birthday experiences remembered for a lifetime. There is no better idea than having a DJ at your next birthday party. These DJ’s will ensure that you truly rock. Call us today on 1300136791 to get your party started or you can even visit our website for more details, contact us and we will get back to you.