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Birthday Parties Woodcroft

Birthday Parties Woodcroft

Ever heard of a birthday party without music, it just can’t happen; most likely people would be huddled in groups, make excuses and leave early, and not come back again the next year. Pump House DJ’s are the best for Birthday Parties in Woodcroft. Music is what makes all the difference between a dull evening and one that is etched into the minds of the guests forever. Not just any music, a good DJ knows which music to play at what time, and on what occasion. Every occasion requires the right mix of music; else the event can turn out to be a disaster.

DJ’s create a twist to existing music, by remixing the tunes it creates a certain sense of excitement, which can keep the guests screaming for more. Every age group has their own taste and type of music that they like to hear. Birthday Parties in Woodcroft, turn into exciting occasions because of the professionalism that our DJ.s bring to the event. Our DJ’s easily gauge the genre of music the guests enjoy and tailor the rest the evening , throwing in a few surprises here and there, to keep the excitement growing. Also taking requests from the guests, which helps to increase their level of comfort, and ensure more involvement in the music and the party.

Life of the Party

A DJ is clearly the life of the party. A pleasant DJ helps create value being courteous and flexible with the guest’s requests. At Birthday Parties in Woodcroft, the DJ even takes the stress off the hosts, engaging the guests and keeping them occupied with music. It takes a good DJ to bring out this participation in the guests. This leaves you free to focus on other matters at the party.


Birthday Parties in Woodcroft often have a theme. We can tailor the music to suit this theme, people have birthdays every year, and some prefer major milestones, like entering teens or the 21st or 50th birthday party. Each age group would have a distinctive idea about the music they enjoy. We have the skill to cater to any audience and have provided the best music for teenage as well as 50th birthday parties. Our DJ’s will meet you before and discuss the theme with you .Our vast music library enables us to play all kinds of music; even if we don’t have a request available we can download it on the spot and play it.

Create Playlist

Pump House Dj’s keep people dancing at Birthday Parties in Woodcroft by creating a playlist which is adapted to the guests present. Having a DJ at your next birthday party is the best idea that you can have, to create memories of your party for a lifetime. And as our name suggests, if you want to keep your party pumping call us on 02 8035 3476, or you can contact us from our website and we will get in touch with you.