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DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide

DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide

A Birthday party comes to life with the presence of a good DJ, mixing and matching music to suit the tastes of the people present. Pump House DJ’s are renowned for creating such memorable DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide, Adelaide DJ and Photobooth Hire. They can take a regular song and give it a creative twist which can get your guests pulsating and dancing the night away, with electric lighting and an atmosphere to match. DJ’s can convert  a regular evening into one of the most memorable nights ever, having your guests going home with sore feet talking about your party for days after.

A good DJ can keep the guests involved and participating. At DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide, Adelaide DJ and Photobooth Hire, the DJ plays the crowd to get their feet moving. Music has an ability to create energy, but it requires a good DJ to get the guests to respond to that energy. The DJ can quickly gauge the music to be played, by judging guest reactions and the music requests that they make, fine tuning the mix to suit them, so they let their hair down. And some DJ’s have been known to say, that they enjoy the requests because if they don’t have a particular track, they make efforts to get it, which only increases their knowledge and music collection.

Old Classics

For our young and dynamic DJ’S music is not just a job, it’s a passion, some of them have started doing this from a very early age and have become extremely accomplished DJ’s .With time, they have amassed a huge collection of music, dating back to the 50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s in different genres, you name it, they have it. They also play some of the new age music like the top 40 collection and electronic dance music. At DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide, Adelaide DJ and Photobooth Hire DJ’s play music to satisfy every age group, every urge and every person present.

Lively Atmosphere

The DJ’s come prepared for the evening, after having met you earlier and discussed a few basics. Most often they begin with warm up music, then depending on the age group present, start playing a few party games and competitions. This helps to loosen people’s inhibitions, and get their participation. At DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide, Adelaide DJ and Photobooth Hire our DJ’s also double up as MC’s, creating such a lively atmosphere, with their confidence and people skills. The lively atmosphere thus created helps you as the host to focus on other aspects of the evening, which might require your attention.

Pump House DJ’s have really excellent sound systems, just the quality of the sound is worth listening to, and at DJ and Photobooth Hire Adelaide, Adelaide DJ and Photobooth Hire they’re completely ready to face any new challenge, so as to perform better than the previous gig. Their popularity also keeps them very busy, so it’s always better to book early to avoid disappointments. So if you’re planning a memorable birthday party, you can call us on 02 8035 3476, or you can visit our website and contact us and we’ll get back to you.