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DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra

DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra

Pump House DJ’s, make sure that DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra, Canberra DJ and Photobooth Hire, are a success. The DJ’s are quick to gauge your guest’s preferences and they will create a rocking musical and light extravaganza, the likes never seen or heard before. We also take care that we create this performance all within the brief given to us. A party without music could have guests making their own groups or keeping to themselves gossiping. With the right mix of music and guest participation we tailor our entertainment with sound and light to ensure the evening becomes a night to remember forever, far beyond what you may have perceived or visualised.

Our DJ’s like to begin the party slowly, feeling people’s energy growing with every new track being played, slowly but surely ensuring that everyone starts enjoying the music and dancing. At DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra, Canberra DJ and Photobooth Hire our flexible and dynamic DJ’s love taking requests now and again so that everyone gets an opportunity to dance to their favourite songs. Our DJ’s themselves have a great love for music and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them , belting out popular songs from the classics as well as the latest new age music, creating such a lively atmosphere that nobody feels like leaving.

Personal Preferences

Whatever age group or style of party that you wish to have we will make sure that DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra, Canberra DJ and Photobooth Hire are equipped with the latest sound and light systems. Whether it’s to provide thumping disco tunes to suit the younger audience or more subtle music to suit the older generation, our DJ’s keep mixing songs, even creating a fresh tune from existing tracks for a fresher more youthful appeal, delighting audiences with these melodious surprises thrown in. It’s very difficult to have this experience if just some music is playing out of a stereo in some corner.

Trained and Qualified DJ’s

Whichever venue you decide on, whether you want your party in a club, disco, in your home or backyard, or even if you don’t have a place in mind, we can offer suggestions from the vast array of venues that we have performed at. Most of our DJ’s are well educated, trained and qualified in the field of music to accept these challenges. Our DJ’s can set up the sound equipment anywhere to create the right acoustics required to make DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra, Canberra DJ and Photobooth Hire a success.

Stress Free Entertainment

Pump House DJ does provide entertainment that is fun, and suited to your style. DJ and Photobooth Hire Canberra, Canberra DJ and Photobooth Hire with a DJ present in the house is far more invigorating and entertaining than a party without a DJ. If you want your guests to have a time of their lives and to be taking home some precious memories , call us today on 02 8035 3476. Or if you need more information you can get it from our website via this  contact us link and we will get back to you at the earliest.